Podcast Discussion on the Saturn Return

The Astrology Podcast

The authors of Saturn Return Stories recently got together to record a podcast episode about Saturn returns for The Astrology Podcast.

During the course of the show we talk about what the Saturn return is, how long it lasts for, and give a number of different tips for interpreting it based on how Saturn is placed in the natal chart.

The episode is primarily designed for beginner and intermediate students of astrology, although there are also some more advanced interpretive principles for more seasoned astrologers as well.

Part of the purpose of the episode was to let people know about a new lecture that Leisa Schaim recently released for sale on her website titled Saturn Returns, Sect, and the Taboo Against Difficulty. In this 70 minute lecture Leisa demonstrates how the distinction between day and night charts can significantly alter how a person experiences their Saturn return, for better or worse. She goes through a number of example charts in the lecture in order to show how this works out in real people’s experiences during their Saturn returns.

To listen to the episode just head over to The Astrology Podcast and scroll down to the bottom of the article titled Understanding Your Saturn Return.