Saturn Return Consultations

Saturn Return Consultations

Would you like to get a professional astrologer’s perspective on your Saturn return, or get help with understanding its significations in your chart? We offer Saturn return consultations if you’d like to go beyond the basics.

A Saturn return consultation consists of a 75-minute conversation in which we discuss the placement of Saturn in your birth chart, and which areas of life and topics your Saturn return will be focused on.

For your Saturn return consultation we will also calculate and let you know when your Saturn return begins and ends, the date(s) when it will be exact, and dates of any other major aspects that transiting Saturn will make during the course of your Saturn return.

In addition to discussing the specific themes of your Saturn return, we will also provide you with a copy of your birth chart, and discuss some other broader trends that you may be going through during the time of your Saturn return, as well as that may show up in your life overall.

This consultation is particularly useful for those going into or already in their Saturn returns, but is also appropriate afterwards or in between the returns in order to gain greater understanding and perspective on this part of your life.

The charge for a Saturn return consultation is $125 for a 75-minute session, which includes the consultation time itself as well as the preparation done with your chart beforehand. The conversation will be recorded as an MP3 file and sent to you afterwards. Consultations are available via both Skype and phone, whichever you’d prefer.

Please have your exact birth data available, which includes your birth date, city of birth, and exact time of birth. The exact time is necessary for an accurate birth chart, so please get the time from your full, original birth certificate if it was recorded there. If it was not on your full birth certificate for some reason, try looking in other places it might have been recorded in writing, such as a baby book.

If you would like a consultation, please click on the Paypal button below to reserve your session, then email Leisa Schaim at to schedule a time for your consultation.  We look forward to talking with you!

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Leisa Schaim is a Denver, Colorado-based astrologer with a particular interest in combining the best of both modern and traditional astrological techniques. She has a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from Antioch College and did graduate work in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado. She is the presiding officer of AFAN, is co-organizer of the Denver Astrology Group, and is a former board member of the Association for Young Astrologers. She offers astrological consultations through her website