Flight Attendant Retires to Become Doctor

Flight Attendant Retires to Become Doctor

I was flying back from visiting my family for Thanksgiving recently and I unexpectedly got to hear a Saturn return story during my flight. The woman sitting next to me spent much of the flight hanging out and laughing with the flight attendants, which I thought was odd after a while. After she returned we started talking and she said that she was reminiscing with them, because she had retired last year after 12 years of being a flight attendant.

I joked that that was a pretty young retirement, after working 12 years, and she said she left in order to start medical school last year at age 30. She went on to explain that when she was a child, her dream had always been to become a  doctor when she grew up, but that as she got older she had dismissed it with thoughts such as “I’m not smart enough.”

After some years, when she was 25 she had a dream in which she was already a doctor and her life felt like a perfect fit. I don’t know what happened in the next few years, but when she was 29  she finally decided to make the leap and go to medical school. She said she was born in the fall of 1980, so her natal Saturn was either at the end of Virgo or the very beginning of Libra, and she started medical school last fall, right around the time Saturn switched from late Virgo to early Libra.

I was excited to hear a random Saturn return story, and it was such a nice example of a common Saturn return theme, that of really evaluating one’s life and getting on track with a pursuit that is important and authentic to the person, if one hasn’t already been pursuing it. And then, taking the realistic steps to make that happen, even if it is a path that will take a long time (Saturn) to complete. My seatmate said that she was now very happy in medical school and felt very glad she had made the switch, even though she had started later than most of her classmates. Hurray for random Saturn return story encounters!


  1. Trisha

    I have a similar story. At age 29 I broke up with my partner as I was pregnant and he was playing with two women as love triangle.

    I deceived to stand my grands of value and in those days single parenting was not great.

    A few years later, I deceived to do my studies in education followed by master in special education.

    I raised my son on my own looking for a husband. Never was successful. Than education job for me were a constant uranus contract roles. As a capricorn. I seeked stability. In 2010 that happened after 10 years of contract work. In 2012 all shit started to unfold in my career. I kept giving more and more of my energy in the end. I said. Life got to get better. This year I am 58 yrs and in december 2014 I face a saturn return number 2.

    But like the airline story. I follow my dream. I always wanted to teach over seas and so I deceived to put my name forward at a mature age.

    ( age number count you know). But, recently I had a reply from a school and there is a strong possibility that I get to honour my dream and feel good about my teaching direction.

    To be appreciated and to be respected I would appreciate that much.

    Fingers cross I can write the rest of the story by december 2015.

    There is not a lot of readings on 2nd saturn returns and as the whole world view of working longer. I feel that astrologers writers best stop saying ( retirement) is due, / that has all changed in this modern days of life, it’s keep working some how but possible more to what role you desire to be respected.

    I have looked back over the 30 years suggested in astrology. And I had to give up my dreams due to parenthood, and the culture clicks of education system. I am passionate about teaching, and I have high standards, but never allowed to help students due to authority restrictions.

    Now I hope from 59 years the next 10 years I can help children learn with more blessing and encouragement to be me.

    I am a double capricorn with a lot of uranus and aquarian in my natal chart.

    I hate been this different inside a capricorn she’ll.


  2. kim dios

    my story matches yours in many ways, as I am a teacher as well, and my senond saturn return is upon me. I taught overseas from 1995-2000, something I never regretted even though none of it panned out = gave me the stablity I craved. Now I am approaching the end of my second saturn return (mine is in the last third of Scorpio) but must also prepare myself for some serious restrictions in the next 2-3 years as Saturn crosses over my natal Sun, Mercury and Venus – all of which are in Sag

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